Thursday, 16 September 2010


Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while I will make an effort to be a more consistent blogger in future.

This week I have come to realise that being young and enthusiastic about campaigning can sometimes land you in over your head. When my friend and I came across an article which showed an Edinburgh Charity called Blindcraft was under threat of closure we decided to do something about it. We reached out to channels of campaigners and local politicians that we knew and some how we have ended up with a slot to speak at the full council meeting today. Eeek!!! Here’s some reasons why…

Blindcraft, which was established in 1793, is more than just a business. Two thirds of Blindcraft’s employee’s are registered either blind or disabled. Every penny profit goes back into blind and disabled communities. I am sure you will agree it is a somewhat unique company.

Statistics show that 67% of blind or partially sighted people of working age are currently unemployed. Therefore it is particularly poignant that places like Blindcraft are kept open during these tough economic times. Businesses often say that they would like to employ blind or partially sighted people but it is not easy for them to adapt. Blindcraft has already adapted both in a physical and a social sense. Having a job at a company where many of the employees have a similar disability can often provide a valuable support mechanism which is not available in many other places.

My friend is at the meeting speaking as I type so I will update you on the outcome when I hear from her. Our campaign is not political if you would like to get involved in our campaign then you can join our facebook group!/group.php?gid=153567734672402

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